Terms and Conditions of Trade

Balance of payment is strictly due on the 20th of the month following the date of invoice. If unpaid by due date Tredsafe reserves the right to impose interest at 2.5% per calendar month until principal and interest have been paid in full.

I/We understand title of goods remains Tredsafe Ltd until full payment is made. The debtor gives Tredsafe Ltd the right to enter any property to up-lift said goods in the event payment of said goods has not been made by the due date. I/We agree to pay on demand any costs incurred in the refurbishment of goods to bring back to full re-sale value. If the goods are unable to be refurbished and are then resold as ‘used’ then, I/We agree to pay the difference between the realised sale value and the original invoiced value.

I/We agree to pay on demand all collection costs and solicitors fees, charge and /or costs and enforcement costs incurred or expended in recovering payment of the account.